Ruins of Nora – Half day tour

This interesting tour will take us to discover the Punic-Roman ruins of the lost city of Nora in the marvelous frame of the south-west coast. Nora was a very important city, where the first written testimony of the name “Sardinia” was found (the famous stele of Nora), starting point of the Roman roads network and home to a magnificent theater still used today in the summer for theater and music festivals in the magical atmosphere of the Roman ruins. Let yourself be enchanted by the ancient Roman ruins surrounded by a crystal-clear sea and discover how the city has stratified by its Phoenician foundation in the 8th century. B.C. until the fall of the Roman Empire.

Duration: around 5 hours

€ 45.00 per person

Fee includes: return transfer, entrance ticket to the ruins of Nora, accompanied by a certified tourist guide.
30% discount for children under 12. Discount for family or groups.
Available in Italian, Spanish, English.

Nora e tour spiagge Chia (8 ore – con spiagge)
Tour spiagge Chia e Tuerredda (8 ore – solo spiagge)