Walking Tour Cagliari

Discover the fascinating historical district of Castello at the heart of the city of Cagliari – last 3 hrs – €40
Main centre of the administrative authority and power since the Middle Ages, the district of Castello still shows today the remains of its glorious past. Each street and monument takes us back to the historical events of the city and the whole island, with its unmissable views and fascinating stories.
Our tour will include the main monuments and most important venues of Castello: the great Pisan towers, the Cathedral and  the Palazzo Civico (former Town Hall), the picturesque streets with the palaces of aristocratic families and the old Spanish bastions, chiefly the Bastion Saint Remy, symbol of the city.

Half day tour. Duration 3 hours
– Meeting point from Cagliari
– € 40,00 per person

Fee includes:

  • guided walking tour
  • accompanied by a certified tourist guide.

30% discount for children under 12. Available in Italian, Spanish, English.