Barumini and Giara tour

Tour Giara Gesturi e Nuraghe Barumini - Nadir Sardinia


Discovering one of the most important archaeological sites of Sardinia, the Nuragic Royal palace “Su Nuraxi” of Barumini. It represents the heritage testimony of the Nuragic civilization, developed between 18 th and 3 rd century BC. The majestic megalithic construction is one of the largest and most famous in the island and is the first to have been investigated by a scientific archaeological excavation. Impressive in size and in the realization “Su Nuraxi” shows us what marvels were capable of peoples so distant in time and apparently primitive.

At the end of our tour we will reach the nearby “Giara” plateau, a peculiar environment consisting of volcanic rock, cork oaks and seasonal pools called “paulis”. The last existing herd of “cavallini della Giara” ( Giara’s little horses ) lives in the wild; a kind of wild horses the size of a pony that grazes and thrives feeding in those pastures and in the abundant blooms of water buttercups that completely cover the pools in spring.

  • Full day tour. Duration: around 7 hours
  • Pick up from Cagliari
  • € 80,00 per person

Fee includes:

– free ride from/to the guest accommodation
– Naturalistic walking in Giara di Gesturi
– ticket to “Su Nuraxi” archaeological site and “Casa Zapata”museum
– accompanied by a certified tourist guide

Tour is available every day on request, with reservation.
30% discount for children under 12. Available in Italian, Spanish, English.

What to bring:
comfortable shoes, hat and water are recommended.

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